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The Authentic Skulls of Pancho Villa

What a terrific album! What impressed us much was depth of the album, highlighted by strong songwriting, gritty vocals and terrific national guitar and harmonica work. Loved the concept. This is a great album. BRYAN KLAUSING Acoustic Rainbow Great playing, good production, clever writing. MIKE KAPPUS (Blues Hall of Fame) Rosebud Agency The harmonica solo, Mr. Huffin Puffer, was off the hook. Singed my eyebrows. DAN ALLOWAY-Folk Fury, KTEP Holy Cow! "High Roller" is da bomb. Very, very well done. BRUCE NEWMAN-Bruce's Folksong Fiesta, WEVL DAMN GOOD! RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT
With soulful voice and masterful playing, Doug Adamz brings you BERNARDO’S SERENADE Songs of passionate buffoonery, tales of old Juarez; songs of love & work, dust devils, water spirits and other natural wonders, the blues and a mystical description of the life of a desert poet. From whimsically humorous to deeply thoughtful, Adamz takes you on a journey using only the vehicles of his guitar, voice and harmonica. Where else would you find a song titled ‘Uncle Johnny’s Glass Eye‘ or ‘The Authentic Skulls of Pancho Villa’? Bernarndo’s Serenade is a journey down a river, with tales along the way, with tears and laughs and lots of love. ‘Men Don't Cry’ gave me the chills. Gene Keller
GUITAR SOLOS Radiates a feeling of calm beauty. GUITAR SOLOS is an hour of solo, instrumental, acoustic guitar music. Its thirteen pieces were composed by Doug Adamz and were all played on a beautiful, handmade, Charis guitar. Listeners have described the overall feeling of GUITAR SOLOS as tranquil and calming. Adamz’ finger style guitar compositions have a simple elegance and rich emotional depth. He’s written instrumental music for the Joffrey Balley, The Kronos Quartet, and for his own group LIGHT RAIN. This is the first collection of his works for solo guitar. Working on this album really felt like a homecoming to me. Throughout the many years working in a huge variety of musical styles, I’d always come home to relax by playing the guitar for my friends and myself. I’m so happy to have finally recorded an hour's worth of these musings.----Doug

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